Vale profilo

Valentina Piovano 

Tour Leader

I graduated in Archaeology and Ancient History in Turin few years ago. History and cultural heritage have always been my passion and, of course, you can imagine how interesting it can be to study those fields here in Italy. After few experiences in Archeology sector, I decided to start working in the tourism area. Travelling is amazing and I will be really happy to be your tour guide during your Love It Tours experience.


Sofia Rosman

Tour leader

I was born in Sweden. But 30 years ago, my passion for the Italian language, culture and, of course, wine and food, brought me to Italy. And I’m still here. I have over 20 years of experience in the airline business. So, needles to say, traveling and getting to know other cultures are others of my big passions. I’m looking forward to guide you around this beautiful country.

I’m sure you will learn to love it as much as I do!

Cate Profilo

Caterina Perrone

Tour leader

I’m an art historian, always looking for beauty right behind the corner. I think Italy is like a diamond: so many faces to discover and where to look at yourself differently. After having studied much of the Italian cultural Beauty I decided to start a Master in Arts Management and Administration. This experience gave me the unique opportunity to also understand how Italy is perceived abroad and why it is so important to enlighten the Italian Excellence.

Art is in everything, also in food and Italy is one of the best artists ever.

Love It. Tours – Loving Italy has never been so easy!!